Laboratory information management systems

What are Inductively Coupled (ICP) MS (Mass Spectrometer) Cones, and How Do They Work?

ICP or Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy is a scientific technique used to analyze, identify, and measure elements placed in a sample matrix based on a sample’s element ionization. Through MS or mass spectrometer, the ions are separated into their mass to charge ratio after the ICP process. Afterwhich, a detector counts the ions per second,

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Get with the Times and Upgrade Your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

You know the feeling – hundreds of notes scattered throughout different notebooks. Scribbling inside textbooks, jotting down ideas on sticky notes, and formulating lists and plans on the back of a napkin. What is the solution to this disorganized chaos? An electronic lab notebook. From the beginning of the era of research, the goal has

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Four Major Reasons Why You May Need Lab Testing

Various diseases manifest themselves in different ways. Some of the diseases display their symptoms and are easily detectable, others require testing to ascertain the disease. Most hospitals have laboratories that aid in the detection, diagnosing, and treatment of a patient’s illness. Laboratories collect samples from patients and test using different techniques to know of a

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