Generic Brand vs. Name Brand – Which Is Best?

Are you trying to figure out the difference between generic brand vs. name brand? Read this article to learn which is best. Experiencing times when money is tight really puts your previous financial decisions into questions. Things we once took for granted now seem far too expensive. You think, do I really need that artisanal barbeque sauce?

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Innovating Healthcare Through Technology and Marketing

The uptick in mobile search and the increasing interconnectivity of phones into our daily lives is a disruptive force for healthcare practitioners to reckon with. Rapid technological innovations change the way people find and evaluate their healthcare providers, radically altering the healthcare landscape for patients and providers alike. For healthcare practitioners, the message is clear:

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7 Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare content marketing is a little trickier than marketing content for other industries. Trends and fads don’t necessarily apply to healthcare, and it’s difficult to tie your content to pop culture. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to successfully market your content – it just means you’ll need to try out a few different approaches to

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