Why Do You Need to Do Video Marketing for Your Healthcare Business?

Video marketing is an integral addition to the brand promotion toolbox – this idea is not new. From traditional television ads to today’s IGTVs and Facebook Lives, videos are everywhere. Videos have become a staple of our personal and professional lives. Advantages of Video Marketing for Businesses  Experimental studies reveal that, on average, successful businesses

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11 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Healthcare Advertising

If you are trying to advertise your healthcare services online, this guide can help you succeed. Avoid these mistakes with digital healthcare advertising. About 80% of new leads never translate into sales. If you’re struggling to acquire new patients, it helps to strategize. With a plan in place, you can spark interest in your different healthcare services

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare Architecture Market

The Healthcare Architecture market report performs SWOT analysis and PESTEL study to uncover the stability, limitations, openings, and risks in the Healthcare Architecture industry. Combining the Healthcare Architecture analysis capabilities and knowledge integration with the relevant findings, the report has foretold the robust future growth of the market all told its geographical and merchandise segments.

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