What Blogging for Healthcare Marketing Entails

Source: Digital marketing is quickly gaining momentum in different industries given the advantages it brings along. Taking your time to invest in your marketing is one of the most important business investments you can make. This will help you grow your business to great heights and build awareness around it. One of the most

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How to Use Digital Marketing to Improve Patient Acquisition

These days, most people look for information about health services through the internet. They look for websites, look at physician profiles, and even read reviews published online. Even if some of the information comes to them via a referral or through word of mouth, they will still turn to search engines for further research.  If

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Why Do You Need to Do Video Marketing for Your Healthcare Business?

Video marketing is an integral addition to the brand promotion toolbox – this idea is not new. From traditional television ads to today’s IGTVs and Facebook Lives, videos are everywhere. Videos have become a staple of our personal and professional lives. Advantages of Video Marketing for Businesses  Experimental studies reveal that, on average, successful businesses

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