Medical Education

Choosing an Online Course to Improve Your Professional Prospects Within the Field of Allied Healthcare

The medical field is incredibly extensive and has a large amount of employment potential. With the various facets to this field, having the right qualifications to be able to perform the job is necessary. Be it in the field of patient care or even with regards to medical administration, having the right educational background is

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Tech Savvy Ways to Pass the MCAT

Prospective medical students are required to complete the Medical College Admissions Test before starting their medical program. The exam tests the student’s medical knowledge and determines if they are the best fit for the college-based program. Future doctors who hope to start their program soon should review tech-savvy options that enable them to pass the

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Making Design Thinking a Part of Medical Education

“Design thinking,” traditionally regarded as a means for creating user-friendly products, is now being used to improve services and drive innovation in many industries. We, and others, believe that design thinking can be a powerful tool in health care­ to improve care delivery, train future physicians, and improve the experience for both patients and providers.

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