Medical Practice

The Anatomy Of A Highly Streamlined Clinic

“Streamlining” has become something of a buzzword in the healthcare setting. Clinics up and down the country want their stakeholders to believe that they conduct a business-like operation, maximising the efficiency with which they use their resource.  In reality, though, that’s rarely how it works out. Providing healthcare is messy and complicated. And most providers

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Guidelines for Medical Waste Disposal During a Pandemic

Containing and properly disposing of medical waste can already be a highly regulated process, and in times of a health crisis like a pandemic, these restrictions can become even more important to adhere to. The proper handling of medical waste ensures the safety of staff and patients alike, as improperly disposed of harmful waste can

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Do you need a Family Doctor?

Most people fail to recognize the right reason for having a good family physician, always up to help you out of any critical health condition. Especially the healthier people who are rarely sick or have no ancestral history of major illnesses, cannot understand the importance of having a house physician. Most importantly, a continuation of

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