These New Medicare Cards Could Help Reduce Fraud

The healthcare industry and, specifically, Medicare, is a boon for fraudsters, scammers and would-be identity thieves from all around the world. One primary reason for this trend is the age of Medicare enrollees. With the eligibility age typically set at 65, the elderly are often targeted by — and fall victim to — the scams

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Medicare Coverage for Substance Abuse

Whenever someone is struggling with an addiction and ready for help, the cost of the necessary treatment is a significant factor. In recent years this has become easier under the Obamacare legislation, because treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders is now considered the same as any other medical treatment. This kind of parity

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Medicare 101 for Cancer Patients

In our monthly New to Medicare webinars (find out about our Medicare webinars), we often get questions about Medicare’s coverage of cancer treatment. Many people have battled or know someone who has battled cancer. It’s only natural when talking about health insurance coverage to wonder how your new coverage will cover cancer. The great news

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