Mental Health

Is Cerebral Palsy Preventable?

Complete prevention of cerebral palsy (CP) isn’t yet possible; however, there are measures parents can take to reduce the risk of CP. Before discussing possible prevention steps, it’s important to understand what CP is and who’s at risk. What is cerebral palsy? According to the CDC, CP is the most common childhood motor disability and

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The Mental Health Crisis Facing Men

From an early age, most men are given an idea of what it means to be masculine. Sometimes, that vision of masculinity can seem laughably out of date; other times, the lessons are more subtle. How aggressively our visions of masculinity are interpreted or communicated varies a great deal, but the general direction of the

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Staying Healthy and Happy in DC

Washington, D.C., is an exciting place to live. Here, we’re at the fast-moving heart of global power — this may be the single most important place in the entire world. On top of that, D.C. has great museums, hosts great concerts, and offers great food — not to mention its fair share of excellent local

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