Middle East

Digital Health: USA vs. Middle East

According to Rock Health’s report, the year 2015 closed with over $4.5 Billion in digital health funding, compared to $4.3 Billion in 2014, and is expected to reach $6.5 Billion by 2017 according to Accenture. This in turn can provide an indication to the investor that the digital health domain is gaining more importance, especially when

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Digital Health Expenditure in the Middle East

Gary Fingerhut, Cleveland Clinic’s Executive Director of Innovation, once mentioned: “Dubai can become the international center of excellence for digitizing medicine.” He also adds: “In fact, the traditional healthcare model needs an overhaul and the Middle East might very well be the region that shows us how.” Dr.Gautam Gulati, Adjunct Professor of Medical Innovation and

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Digital Health in the Middle East

Before moving forward with the article, I thought that it would be important to define what we mean by digital health. On this regard, I liked what Jack Young, Senior Director of Qualcomm Ventures said, “There’s an important distinction to be made between digital health and health IT.” He continues, “Digital health utilizes technology to

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