Mobile Healthcare

Device Software Functions Including Mobile Medical Applications

As smartphones and other mobile devices become more and more common, medical applications appear in all areas of health care. Modern people are tech-savvy. They want the necessary information to be available at any second on their mobile devices. Trying to regulate these apps, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created a guidance document

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How Mobile Technology is Helping Developing Countries Gain Access to Better Healthcare

The battle to bring reliable healthcare to the developing parts of the world is still very much an unfinished one. But now, thanks to modern, mobile-focused technologies, the industrializing world has new, promising tools at its disposal for addressing the coverage gap that exists between nations and sometimes between territories within nations. The Problem Being

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5 Ways Mobile Healthcare is Big News

We often hear that we spend too much time on our phones and other mobile devices. Technology improves and takes on new uses constantly, giving us access to information that is literally at our fingertips. This ever-growing speed and ownership of smartphones can be used for good, making healthcare more available and easy. Mobile healthcare

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