Tweaks And Tech: Making Modest Nursing Home Upgrades

Nursing homes can be left behind somewhat in terms of the exciting changes that many medical establishments are undergoing, but it’s important that we don’t let this happen. The fact of the matter is, so many nursing homes are still operating under the pen and paper approach, this means that productivity is low, and the

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How to Advance Your Career as a Nurse

Nursing has made many advances as it relates to education and training. In their training, nurses are required to complete numerous practicum hours in clinics or hospitals they are assigned to in addition to the hours spent learning about, and studying, every aspect of the human body. Nurses today command a respectable salary because unlike

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How a Decentralized Autonomous Nursing Organization and Smart Contracts will disrupt $12 Billion Nursing Staffing Industry

Salary-tracking website states that the national average salary for nursing recruiters in the US is $85,000 a year.  Nice job!  Placement fees (per nurse professional i.e. registered nurse) range from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the type of position being filled. Wow! For doing what, exactly?  Spamming or cold calling nurses? Surfing LinkedIn? Emailing

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