Patient Relationship Management

Improving Patient Loyalty with Patient Engagement Solutions

There is this fact that in one lifetime, you will become a patient. And there is no contradicting that everyone is yearning for health care that satisfies one’s needs to be treated with improved attention. Regardless of generation, health care institutes must appropriately interact with their patients for a better understanding of the patient’s condition

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Building a Positive Rapport With Potential Patients

Medical professionals gain their reputation through their ability to offer the highest quality of care possible to their patients. When a patient receives quality health care, they will normally tell others about it providing the doctor with valuable word of mouth references that are based on the patient’s personal experiences. What if the doctor is

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Three Ways Better Patient Relationship Management Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Everyone knows that patient engagement makes an enormous difference when it comes to improving clinical outcomes. Engaging patients through coordinated-care programs, telehealth, and other hands-on strategies can do everything from reducing the risk of dying from a heart attack by nearly 90 percent[1] to drastically lowering costly hospital stays.[2] Yet while physician practices are well-versed

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