Hospital & Physicians

Which Medical SEO Services Do Healthcare Practitioners Need?

As a healthcare practitioner, are you struggling to increase the number of people who visit your website every month? Perhaps you are aware that search engine optimization (SEO) is important to increase website visits. Still, you’re unsure which medical SEO services you need. We’ll explore the types of marketing services that can best assist you

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More Harm Than Good

Doctors prescribe medications to help you with certain conditions, and usually, people will take them as directed. That’s because when you take prescriptions in a way other than intended by your doctor can lead to drug abuse or even death. All hope is not lost when someone becomes addicted to certain medications, though. There is

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: 7 Ways It’s Helping Doctors Now

Imagine walking into your physician’s office to be greeted by an advanced humanoid robot. They access your health issues, provide bedside manner, and then see you off. Okay…so we are not quite there yet, but artificial intelligence in medicine is reported to grow to an over 17 billion dollar industry by 2024! With the current rate of

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