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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: 7 Ways It’s Helping Doctors Now

Imagine walking into your physician’s office to be greeted by an advanced humanoid robot. They access your health issues, provide bedside manner, and then see you off. Okay…so we are not quite there yet, but artificial intelligence in medicine is reported to grow to an over 17 billion dollar industry by 2024! With the current rate of

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Guidelines for Medical Waste Disposal During a Pandemic

Containing and properly disposing of medical waste can already be a highly regulated process, and in times of a health crisis like a pandemic, these restrictions can become even more important to adhere to. The proper handling of medical waste ensures the safety of staff and patients alike, as improperly disposed of harmful waste can

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Benefits of Administering Medicines Through IV Fluids

Commonly, medications are administered to patients by taking drugs and ingestants. However, these methods may not work well especially in emergency situations. This is when intravenous (“into the vein”) medication administration becomes handy and reliable – through inserting a thin plastic tube called an IV catheter into your veins that will be absorbed directly by

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