Population Health

What Health Care Professionals Need to Know About Population Health Management

Health care professionals have to think about a lot when working with individual patients, including their health history, family history, lifestyle, and environment. But it’s important to remember that every patient is part of a larger community— a community with its own unique healthcare needs and challenges. Population health management is all about improving the

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The Importance of Risk Stratification in Population Health Management

As value-based care becomes the primary focus of healthcare organizations, providers now need to broach Population Health Management and to manage it with risk stratification with a delicate balance. It is now important for providers to focus on patients’ individual and distinct health signs and take decisions to take their journey forward to better and

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Can Behavioral Economics and Smart Contract Networks Help Mitigate the Global Population Health Crisis?

This is the first of a three part series addressing population health problems around the globe and some thoughts on how behavioral economics combined with blockchain technology can help solve some of these problems at scale. It is no secret nations around the globe are experiencing rapid growth in their aging and low-income populations and the corresponding

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