EHR Printing: Security Concerns Associated with Healthcare Organizations

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry As the “going digital” trend rapidly gains popularity across the corporate world, industries across the board are looking to digital transformation to answer their security, workflow efficiency and productivity problems! The healthcare industry is at the forefront of this shift towards a digital world! With the healthcare industry hosting

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Healthcare Security Awareness Training: Don’t Fear Failure, Learn From It

The past few years has seen an explosion of cyber attack activity in the healthcare industry. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Healthcare records are a goldmine for enterprising hackers, and with low security budgets across the industry it’s no wonder that healthcare organizations are considered a soft target. A cursory glance at the industry’s security profile tells us everything

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A New Story for Healthcare Security and Compliance

The medical information of 150 million Americans has been exposed through 1,500 breach incidents since late 2009. More recently we’ve seen a handful of hospitals succumb to ransomware that locks down key parts of their systems and grinds operations to a halt. With healthcare becoming more of a “team sport” through new payment models and

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