The Side Of Tech You Don’t Understand

There are three types of people when it comes to technology. The ones that have absolutely no clue about technology, and struggle to understand all of the things that a smartphone offers. There are the people who like to think they know lots about technology, but they really don’t understand that there’s so much more

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Advice for the Development of an MVP

MVP development can sometimes be a lengthy and difficult process. In order to shed some light on this topic, we’ve made a list of helpful tips to help individuals developing their Minimum Viable Product. If you are only somewhat familiar with what an MVP is, let’s start out by explaining the basics. An MVP is

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Technology and Our Eyes

Nowadays we are living in the modern world surrounded with electronic devices including smart phones, laptops, tablets, iWatch, car GPS, etc In fact, these devices have provided us with a lot of assistance as well as entertainment. However, they have also impacted our eyes and our health negatively. It is well-known that electronic devices have

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