Importance Of Therapy To Deal With Depression

Mental health is an important aspect that contributes to an individual’s well-being and the success of society. Due to poor mental health, we can see repeated destructive patterns and childhood traumas that last a lifetime unless acknowledged and treated. Some common triggering factors for poor mental health include strenuous relationships, poor academic performance, poor work-life

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The Rise of Online Speech Therapy: Will Virtual Health Care be the New Normal After COVID-19?

Extreme life situations, such as the one we are currently experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic, force us to find practical solutions that would ensure the continuity of our life habits. Modern technology and innovative platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime have not only enabled us to stay social when apart, they’ve also shown how we

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Deep Pressure Treatment for ADHD

Many people, both children and adults, have problems with sleeping. This can lead to further exaggerated health problems, as a good night’s sleep is essential for your health. In children, lack of sleep can lead to irritability and other problems that come with it, and a poor sleeping pattern is one problem that is associated

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