Wellness & Fitness trackers

5 Ways People Are Using Wearable Devices to Improve Their Health

Wearable devices are big business these days. Whether you’re using an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, or another type of wearable, these little gadgets come packed full of features, apps, and other cool stuff and allow you to live your best life. Health tracking with wearables is becoming increasingly popular, with people using them for everything

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Running Apps and Form Trackers: Useful Tools for Your Running Belt or Just Hype?

Running apps and form trackers are popular fitness products that allow you to track your running progress, distance, time, and calories burned. Some individuals may be wondering whether or not these products are worth it and if they actually help their fitness journey. There is a lot of mixed feedback about the usefulness of running

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New Applications of Biomedical Engineering

The world of biomedical engineering is fascinating. The field combines out-of-the-box engineering with serious healthcare needs in a way that promotes creativity and provides hope for thousands of patients every day. Biomedical engineers are working towards goals that can change and improve lives. Perhaps because of the amazing opportunity to make a positive difference, the

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