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Fungal Infections: Types and Treatments

Mycosis, or fungal infection, is a skin disease caused by the overgrowth of harmful fungi. Fungi are microorganisms found almost everywhere—household surfaces, plants, dirt, and even in our bodies. Fungi, in small amounts, are generally harmless. However, the rapid increase in number can lead to the development of bumps, rashes, irritation, and infection. Several fungal

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How Scoliosis Braces Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Living with scoliosis can be incredibly challenging and debilitating, but there are ways to help manage its severity and improve your quality of life. Scoliosis braces can be an effective solution to help reduce the impact scoliosis can have on your health, posture, and mobility. In this blog post, we discuss how scoliosis braces, especially

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