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Brain Shock: 9 Alarming Signs Of Neurological Disorders

Source File Neurological disorders refer to nervous system complexities, both central and peripheral.  It includes nerves, brain, spinal cord, and neuromuscular junction. Neurological disorders are horrendous, and their symptoms are always gradual, unexpected, and heinous. The cause may be any from accident to malnutrition; the fact is that it can turn into something horrible that

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5 Ways Going Organic Is Beneficial For Health

The organic food industry is booming at an exponential rate, and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming future. Consumers are opting for organic produce for the several health benefits it offers, and also because it’s better for the environment. The supermarkets now have two kinds of produce—the one which is conventionally grown,

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What You Should Do When You Experience Stroke Caused By Medical Malpractice

Primarily, stroke refers to a medical condition that involves the sudden death of the brain cells because of the lack of oxygen inside the brain. It often occurs in cases wherein there’s blood flow interruption, causing an abnormal brain function. Stroke has been one of the leading causes of disability and, in extreme cases, death

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