Healthcare Blockchain A Path to Success in 2018

Most healthcare data today exists in healthcare organizations within various data silos. Information sharing is either absent or extremely limited. In our first blog post, the HIMSS Blockchain Work Group set out on a course to provide thought leadership, best practices and key use cases for how blockchain technology might affect the healthcare ecosystem in

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A guide to Blockchain at HIMSS18

Blockchain effectively broke into healthcare last year at HIMSS17 and has since been picking up steam. Whether its promise of enabling secure access to medical records, streamlining hospital revenue cycle, improving information exchange and interoperability or enabling a new era of precision medicine and value-based care, the distributed digital ledger technology holds promise to disrupt

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Blockchain in Healthcare: The Potential and Limitations

Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that now supports cryptocurrencies, holds potential for supporting secure health data exchange, but it has limitations that organizations need to keep in mind, says David Houlding, director of healthcare privacy and security at Intel Health and Life Sciences.Today, the vast majority of health data “is in silos and enterprise systems,

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