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Remarkable Advancements In Radiation Science Technology

Remarkable Advancements In Radiation Science Technology The last 200 years witnessed the emergence of numerous scientific advances that offered us opportunities to achieve better understanding of the universe and improve our lives. More importantly, these advances have allowed us to extend our lifespan and become healthier. In the medical sciences, several key advances have resulted

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Healthcare workers worry salaries may be cut in 2018

Though 41% of healthcare workers saw their salaries increase over the past year, many are still concerned about what the future holds for their paychecks. Thirty-eight percent of 20,000 healthcare workers polled for HealtheCareer’sannual Salary Guide indicated one of their biggest concerns for 2018 was whether their salaries will stay the same or decrease.

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What to look for when hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Cybersecurity is not computer science or computer engineering, it is a business discipline that requires people from all backgrounds and majors.Healthcare has special challenges securing information and devices. The consequences of a successful hack can be, at their worst, extreme results on peoples health and well-being. Medical records are worth more on the black market

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