Clinical research

Lab surprised to find its drug-delivery system can help even without drugs

A synthetic, injectable hydrogel developed to deliver drugs and encourage tissue growth turns out to have therapeutic properties all its own. Researchers in the Rice lab of chemist and bioengineer Jeffrey Hartgerink had just such an experience with the hydrogels they developed as a synthetic scaffold to deliver drugs and encourage the growth of cells

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Global Clinical Trial Management System Market: Growing Number of Clinical Trials Noticed by Variant Market Research

According to the latest report published by Variant Market Research, the global clinical trial management system market size is projected to reach $3,407 Million by 2024 from $1,221 Million in 2016. In this report, clinical trial management system market forecast says that the global market is growing at 13.7% CAGR from 2017 to 2025. Click

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New Pathology Atlas maps genes in cancer to accelerate progress in personalized medicine

A new Pathology Atlas is launched today with an analysis of all human genes in all major cancers showing the consequence of their corresponding protein levels for overall patient survival. The difference in expression patterns of individual cancers observed in the study strongly reinforces the need for personalized cancer treatment based on precision medicine.

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