Hackers Are Not Natural Disasters Or Acts Of God

Data breaches are unfortunately becoming more and more common as the never-ending march toward digital transformation carries on while picking up pace. No other sector is as directly impacted by breaches than health care as medical records are considered an order of magnitude more valuable than even credit cards.Existing security measures as we all know

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New research shows up to 1,000 patients harmed by medical device breaches

As many as 1,000 patients suffered harm from medical devices hit by a cybersecurity attack, according to a new survey of executives of device manufacturers and provider organizations.The survey, conducted by researchers at the University of California San Diego, is scheduled for publication in an academic journal. The results were announced by Christian Dameff, M.D.,

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Medical Device Cyber Vulnerabilities: More Alerts

The stream of recent advisories is helping to draw more attention to the importance of addressing device security, many security experts say.Since April, DHS’s Industrial Control Systems Emergency Response Team has issued about a half dozen alerts advising healthcare entities of cyber vulnerabilities in equipment ranging from medical imaging systems to patient monitoring gear.The intensifying

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