Data Science

How a Pharma Company Applied Machine Learning to Patient Data

Electronic health records offer one of the biggest opportunities for uncovering new insights. The growing availability of real-world data has generated tremendous excitement in health care. By some estimates, health data volumes are increasing by 48% annually, and the last decade has seen a boom in the collection and aggregation of this information. Among these

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Innovators use digital tools to translate patient experiences into meaningful data

The MITRE Corperation’s Kristina Sheridan shares how her life experince inspired the Patient Toolkit, which lets patients digitally record symptoms and treatment. Both the clinician and the patient hold an important piece to the care puzzle, according to Kristina Sheridan, head of the enterprise strategy and transformation department at the nonprofit MITRE Corperation. The physician

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Evidence-based security: Using data and analytics to protect health information

Penn Medicine CISO Dan Costantino outlines the steps to gathering information so you can plan strategically and educate the business about threats. Choosing an approach to information security for many programs is rarely as straightforward as it may seem.So-called best practices, compliance, and frameworks appear around every corner, all of which have a slightly unique

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