Digital Biology & Genetics

Unfolding DNA using Virtual Reality to Cure Diseases

The Royal Societys annual Summer Science Exhibition is featuring an innovative take on virtual reality (VR) this year using VR to study the elaborate structure of the genome. Designed through a collaboration between the University of London and Universita di Napoli, the projects stated goal is to better under underlying genetic causes leading to common

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Stanford researchers see ‘genome cloaking’ as a way to alleviate patient privacy fears

Researchers at Stanford University may have discovered a way to address latent privacy concerns associated with genetic data, while also advancing the genomic research driving precision medicine initiatives across the country. Using cryptography, the researchers found a way to provide access to pertinent genetic data while hiding the other 99%.

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Scientists successfully used CRISPR to fix a mutation that causes disease

Its a big advance for research into preventing many devastating genetic diseases.CRISPRCas9 is a gene editing technology thats revolutionizing science at a breathtaking pace.One of its most exciting, taboo, and controversial applications is tweaking the genes of eggs, sperm, or early embryos to alter a human life. This could one day mean the ability to

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