Digital chemistry & Pharma IT

How big pharma is using AI for drug discovery, clinical trials, and more

Like almost any field in the healthcare industry pharma wants to get in on the latest technology trends. Recently big pharma has been looking to artificial intelligence as another tool to help facilitate drug research and help the company progress. At the World Medical Innovation Forum in Boston on April 24, a panel of pharma

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Getting Patients to and from the Clinic or Pharmacy Just Got Easier with Uber Health and Lyft

Clinician-Powered EHR Health IT Blog & Community In the ever expanding world of health information technology ridesharing leaders are getting into the game.Uber Health and Lyft are now offering patient transportation, pharmacy pickup and EHR integration. Uber Health allows healthcare providers and caregivers to request rides for their patients. The EHR integration will allow prompts

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How Precision Medicine Will Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

Leaders must act quickly to overcome obstacles so they can harness revenue opportunities for the industry and health benefits for society. Across the globe, a collection of healthcare professionals gather around their computer screens in their respective offices in Beijing, Brussels, London, and Los Angeles. A skilled U.S.-based oncologist leads this virtual board in discussing

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