How can IT organizations leverage the cloud in app development?

Enterprises are looking for apps with a faster response time and global access facilities. They do not like to be limited by the hardware constraints which would impact the operation of the app. This is where cloud comes to the rescue. The applications developed on the cloud will be accessible from anywhere.   Speed: Applications built on cloud can be tested and deployed quickly. When it comes to

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How can technology better help the healthcare industry?

While the digitization of healthcare in America has solved many problems — like, reducing medical errors and improving clinical decision support — it has also lead to new issues. Healthcare solutions such as electronic health records (EHRs) are still failing in data processing speeds and enhancing the patient care. Healthcare IT services ideally accelerates the data integration across heterogeneous sources, and improves the patient engagement. Check out the article to know more…

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A Quick Guide to Azure Migration

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud platform such as Azure is a big step for small businesses. There are multiple advantages in the Azure Cloud Migration, such as better productivity, decreased costs and higher agility — but getting there could be a daunting task. This article gives a brief overview of achieving a successful Azure migration, focusing

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