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Shahid Shah on Why It Is Vital to Look Past the Obvious in Digital Health

Shahid Shah: Our Guest on the Digital Health Maven Podcast October 2017 Shahid Shah is a digital health maven because of his focus on unpacking the whys behind digital health trends in order to guide organizations, government and others in their quest to use these technologies for maximum impact. Shahs primary digital health maven trait

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Government told it should share patient health records with private firms

Data from patients health records should be shared with private firms to improve care using artificial intelligence, the Government is told today. A study sets out how Britain should become a world leaderin AI, to deliver benefits ranging from smarter scheduling of operations to hiring on-demand self-driving cars. Industry experts call for the secure sharing

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Digital Maps Help Fight Epidemics

Before Game of Thrones monopolized John Snows name, he was known among data journalists as the doctor who revolutionized how we look at data, maps, epidemics or microbes. When a cholera outbreak decimated the population of London in 1854, John Snow did something that no one before: he mapped the cases. Nowadays, it seems evident

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