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Elly Kleinman on Delivering Skilled Home Health Care – Elly Kleinman Americare

Home care is an array of health and support services provided in homes, retirement communities and other community settings to people with complex and multiple chronic conditions  (heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes) or rehabilitative health care needs. The main goal is to help your loved ones sustain and maintain their quality of life

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Providers Tap Data Lakes to Boost Patient Care

When David Higginson arrived at Phoenix Childrens Hospital to serve as CIO in 2011, the organization analyzed much of its data in silos. Clinicians and staff developed reports using information in the facilitys transactional systems, but the data was not widely available between its disparate departments.Concerned with the lack of information flow, Higginson developed a

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5 Reasons why the FDA got it Right with Digital Health

The FDA recently announced its Digital Health Innovation Action Plan. This plan was both important and necessary. Digital health differs significantly from drugs and traditional medical devices around which the FDA has developed its structure and policies over decades. Digital health software technologies have far less involvement by clinicians in product development than Pharma or

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