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Hospital Systems Adopt Actionable Analytics For Better Clinical Financial And Operational Outcomes

Hospital leaders face substantial challenges when it comes to aggregating and comparing vast datasets to identify and correct problems. The sheer magnitude of data is prompting these healthcare organizations to recognize this deficit in their existing systems. As they learn about the value and benefits of actionable analytics to address and solve problems in virtually

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So your hospital has been breached; Here’s what you must do now

Cybercriminals have been very successful in the healthcare industry, and as a result, theyre not going to stop attacking. Data breaches are inevitable. As good as healthcare CISOs get in protecting health data, hackers can be even craftier to break through the latest in cybersecurity technology and practices.So how should hospital infosec teams react when

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Successful Health IT Must Keep the Doctor-Patient Relationship at the Center

To make a true impact, health IT must progress in a way that not only maintains, but strengthens the doctor-patient relationship. This was the sentiment of Abraham Verghese, author and senior associate chair at the Stanford University School of Medicine, who spoke at the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) 2017 Fall CIO Forum

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