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Online physician ratings fail to predict actual performance on measures of quality, value, and peer review

ObjectivePatients use online consumer ratings to identify high-performing physicians, but it is unclear if ratings are valid measures of clinical performance. We sought to determine whether online ratings of specialist physicians from 5 platforms predict quality of care, value of care, and peer-assessed physician performance.Materials and MethodsWe conducted an observational study of 78 physicians representing

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Our Guide to Pre-Approval Access to Drugs For Both Doctors & Patients

By ALISON-BATEMAN HOUSE In April 2016, I published guidance, in the form of a mock case study, on how to access a drug before it has been approved by the FDAwhats known as pre-approval (or expanded or compassionate) access. In particular, the FDA rolled out a new, streamlined form for single-patient requests, and Congress passed

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How Telemedicine Can Help Reduce Rural Hospital Closures And Provide Easier Access To Care

Since 2010, more than 80 rural hospitals have closed across the U.S. while nearly 700 are still at risk. Many reasons contribute to their downfall, but what makes it so difficult for these much-needed facilities to stay viable like their urban counter parts? Provider shortages, lack of specialized care, fewer resources, and a lower patient

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