Innovation & Evaluation

Amazing Technologies Changing The Future of Dermatology

Smart algorithms will soon diagnose skin cancer, dermatologists consult patients online, and 3D printers will print out synthetic skin to fight tissue shortages. There is a lot going on in dermatology, and medical professionals should prepare in time for the technological changes before they start swiping through the specialty. Lets start by familiarizing with the

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Why The Mental Health Industry Is Ripe For Innovation

Technology has been tested and proven effective in many advanced and innovative industries, and is now extending and applying its benefits to more regulated industries such as healthcare. According to Mary Meekers Internet Trends 2017 report, healthcare is at a digital inflection point. She recognized and attributed this change in part to the increase of

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Stanford Researchers Develop Algorithm to Diagnose Heart Arrhythmias

Stanford researchers from the Machine Learning Group have developed an algorithm that is able to outperform cardiologists in arrhythmia detection, according to research published on arXiv. The new deep learning algorithm can diagnose 14 types of heart rhythm defects, called arrhythmias and has the ability to sort through data from rural locations where people do

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