Innovation & Evaluation

Humana Launches Digital Health Records Innovation Challenge

Health insurer Humana Inc. is sponsoring a new innovation challenge focused on making digital health more useful to patients, physicians and others specifically in the Medicare space. Traditionally, the health care industry has stored digital health records medical claims, pharmacy claims, calls, letters, hospital stays, and health program participation in disparate places across different systems.

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Neurotrack wins medical innovation challenge with Alzheimer’s tech

Company uses eye-tracking technology to predict and help prevent the development of the disease.CLEVELAND — An emerging company that uses vision technology to predict and help prevent the development of Alzheimers won The Challenge during the Medical Innovation Summit in Cleveland.Both a panel of experts and members of the audience on Monday chose Neurotrack in

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Addressing The Gap In Noncommunicable Disease Data With Technology And Innovation

High-quality health data is the backbone of strong public health policies. When government officials and public health professionals understand the factors that influence health, they can make informed decisions about how and where to target public health interventions and resources. In low- and middle-income countries, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) account for 67 percent of deaths but

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