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The 2017 ACO Survey: What Do Current Trends Tell Us About The Future Of Accountable Care?

In the short time that accountable care organizations (ACOs) have formally been a part of the health care landscape, they have grown to cover more than 32 million patients across every state in the country. To better understand current trends and predict future developments in the accountable care community, the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS)

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The Top Medical Specialties with the Biggest Potential in the Future

Artificial intelligence, wearable sensors, virtual reality, medical robots these disruptive technologies are completely changing the way patients and doctors think and act about healthcare. Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla once said that technology would replace 80 percent of doctors in the future because machines will be more accurate, objective and cheaper than the average doctor.

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Top 10 stories of 2017 so far: Epic, eClinicalWorks, ransomware, AI and more

At the year’s halfway point, we look back on Healthcare IT News’ most popular stories, exploring major vendor announcements, general EHR dissatisfaction, rampant ransomware, innovative (potentially transformative?) technologies and more.Summer is often a time of slow news, but that’s not the case so far this year: Three of our top five stories have been published

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