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Doctors Can Help Patients Earlier Thanks to Noninvasive Sensors

Sensor-based and wearable monitoring technologies promise to aid chronic-care management.Accurate and consistent monitoring remains one of the biggest challenges for physicians who care for chronically ill patients, especially older populations. But what if doctors and clinicians could use automated technology to more easily track patient activity and stop episodic problems before they start?Researchers at the

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Scientists Develop Cheap, Highly Sensitive and Accurate Test for Biomarkers

Scientists at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Boston Childrens Hospital have developed a cheap, sensitive, and highly accurate way of detecting protein biomarkers. The technology may very well revolutionize diagnostics, disease monitoring, and help stop the spread of infectious pathogens. The nanoswitch-linked immunosorbent assay (NLISA) has the potential to be as simple to

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