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The Modern EHR is Mobile: 5 Ways Mobile is Driving Adoption & Meaningful Use

Modern healthcare is rapidly changing, and it’s evident in the lives of patients, support staff and doctors. Technology is working its way into every process, from referral management to booking appointments and billing. According to an article by, primary care physicians spend half their day attending to tasks related to electronic health records (EHR).

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Doctors Can Help Patients Earlier Thanks to Noninvasive Sensors

Sensor-based and wearable monitoring technologies promise to aid chronic-care management.Accurate and consistent monitoring remains one of the biggest challenges for physicians who care for chronically ill patients, especially older populations. But what if doctors and clinicians could use automated technology to more easily track patient activity and stop episodic problems before they start?Researchers at the

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Medical Device Cybersecurity: Legal Concerns

Healthcare organizations need to consider a number of legal issues when it comes to cybersecurity incidents involving medical devices, says attorney Thomas Barnard of the law firm Baker Donelson.”There are a couple layers that we need to be concerned about,” Barnard says in an interview with Information Security Media Group. “You have individual liabilities for

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