Mental health

Dementia, the lost times

Dementia is one of the most difficult challenges in modern neuroscience. It still cant be cured, and the vast majority of new drug trials have ended in failure. In fact, no new drugs have been approved for the treatment of dementia in well over a decade. Researchers conclude that while much more effective treatments may

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Maryland Proposes New Telehealth Psychology and Therapy Rules

Two Maryland licensing boards the Board of Examiners of Psychologist and the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists issued a pair of proposed rules setting forth practice standards for mental health services delivered via telehealth technologies. The Boards previously did not have specific practice standards or rules unique to telehealth. Once finalized, psychologists, counselors, and

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Preference for in-person psychotherapy versus digital psychotherapy options for depression: survey of adults in the U.S

Several barriers complicate access to psychotherapy for depression, including time commitment, location of services, and stigma. Digital treatment has the potential to address these barriers, yet long term use of digital psychotherapy is poor. This paper presents data from a mixed-methods, online survey to document concerns patients with depression face when given the choice of

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