Mental health

How Phenibut Helps Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is described as an emotional state that manifests through constant unpleasant thoughts and feelings of panic towards upcoming events. It is experienced in a situation where an individual is unable to cope with certain stressful situations. Anxiety is often accompanied by uneasiness, nervous behavior, and innate confusion. Disorders relating to anxiety are usually characterized

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What is Phenibut? – A Comprehensive Guide To The Wonder Nootropic

The nootropic community is witnessing a renaissance in the variety of smart drugs that are being engineered in the pursuit of optimal cognitive function. The market is getting saturated with these highly desired drugs owing to the numerous numbers recorded in the nootropic community. These smart drugs and supplements assist in eliminating fatigue, improving the

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Why The Mental Health Industry Is Ripe For Innovation

Technology has been tested and proven effective in many advanced and innovative industries, and is now extending and applying its benefits to more regulated industries such as healthcare. According to Mary Meekers Internet Trends 2017 report, healthcare is at a digital inflection point. She recognized and attributed this change in part to the increase of

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