Patents in Healthcare: Who Benefits?

We have recently seen the release of a stunning allegation of patent infringement by a big pharma company. See further background courtesy of Yale law prof Amy Kapczynski here. (Even more here.) Unusually in this case, the patent holder is the US Department of Health and Human Services.The government often licenses patents to industry (and

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Keys To Success In Value-based Care: 7 Stages Of The Health Data Life Cycle

Keys to success in value-based care: 7 stages of the health data life cycleBy Richard A. Royer, Chief Executive Officer, Primaris Healthcare Business SolutionsBack in the day the late 1960s, when social norms and the face of America was rapidly changing a familiar public service announcement began preceding the nightly news cast. Its 10 p.m.

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Ephraim Zagelbaum’s CONFERENCES 2018

The Top Ten Conferences You or Your Staff Need to Attend in 2018 ● NASL 2018 Winter Legislative & Regulatory Conference February 5-7 Washington, DC The National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) is a trade association that represents the legislative and regulatory interests of many different companies and supplies. This conference

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