Predictive Analytics

Hospital Systems Adopt Actionable Analytics For Better Clinical Financial And Operational Outcomes

Hospital leaders face substantial challenges when it comes to aggregating and comparing vast datasets to identify and correct problems. The sheer magnitude of data is prompting these healthcare organizations to recognize this deficit in their existing systems. As they learn about the value and benefits of actionable analytics to address and solve problems in virtually

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Predictive analytics can spot patients not taking their medicine

Any health system trying to tackle population health management in any meaningful way has to grapple with the challenge of patients who don’t adhere to their care plans especially those who, for whatever reason, don’t take their medicines in the way they were prescribed.”Medication nonadherence is a massive public health problem,” said Niteesh K. Choudhry,

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Why Applied Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Replace Healthcare Analytics

Gurjeet Singh, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Ayasdi shares why applied AI is here to replace healthcare analytics, and why we all stand to benefit.The combination of electronic medical records, financial data, clinical data, and advanced analytics promised to revolutionize healthcare. It hasnt happened. The common excuse is that healthcare wasnt really prepared for the

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