Keeping Health Data Secure Online

Using online systems and messaging platforms to discuss, transfer, or store patient and health data is increasingly implemented in the medical industry. Physicians and hospitals are being required to move their physical files into cloud-based storage solutions in order to release physical office space as well as the administrative burden that accompanies paper files. However,

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Lessons From Recent HIPAA Settlements

Covered entities and business associates can learn many important lessons from recent HIPAA settlements, says privacy attorney Iliana Peters. She recently joined a Washington law practice after serving more than a decade as a HIPAA enforcer at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights.

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UVA Health System Notifies 1,882 Patients About Potential Privacy Issue

University of Virginia Health System is notifying 1,882 patients that an unauthorized third party may have been able to view some of their private health information. The University of Virginia Health System is notifying patients of a cyberattack that gave a hacker access to over 1,800 medical records.The FBI discovered that a physician’s devices with

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