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My Guide To The Future of Medicine: 22 Trends Shaping Healthcare

Surgeons at The Royal London Hospital have conducted the first brain surgery on an aneurysm recorded in virtual reality. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University are developing a placenta-on-chip that will mimic the microenvironment of the maternal-fetal interface. The research is an early breakthrough on a future in which neonatal disease can be researched without using

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Juniper survey ranks IBM at top for blockchain

Microsoft and Accenture take second and third places.Analysts at Juniper Research have ranked IBM the top leader for blockchain technology as more than four in 10 respondents rated Big Blue as the leaderMicrosoft took second place and Accenture took the third spot.Nearly 400 company founders, executives, managers and IT leaders responded to Junipers Blockchain Enterprise

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American Association for Cancer Research Releases Cancer Progress Report 2017

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 13, 2017 PRNewswire — Federally funded research that provides a deep understanding of cancer is spurring advances against many types of the disease. With a strong bipartisan commitment from Congress to keep investment in biomedical research a national priority, we can accelerate our pace of progress and save more lives from cancer, according

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