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2018 healthcare predictions

Technology-based innovation is advancing at a pace many healthcare providers struggle to maintain. At the same time, patients are demanding more convenience and engagement. In order to provide clear value, providers must focus on enhancing the patient experience. In this guest post, Chris Byers, CEO of a company that offers an online form and data-collection

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Whats in Store for Health Technology in 2018?

Healthcare, now more than ever, is an industry focused on innovation. Health systems, senior care organizations, payers and others increasingly are looking to new technology to improve safety, satisfaction and workflow, while also lowering costs.Despite those common themes, its important to recognize that not all entities are created equal, and each has separate needs. A

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2018 Cybersecurity prediction: Extortion attempts, ransomware will proliferate

Hospital leadership can often be the biggest threat to security because funding is still a low priority.For about two years, the healthcare industry has come up against some major cyber threats. Ransomware especially has proven problematic — along with being a nuisance — as it can shut down entire systems and disrupt care.This year saw

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