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Trends in Digital Health for 2018

Trends in Digital Health for 2018.A quick view of whats is going on in the digital health world By Joan Cornet Prat,Non-Executive Director at ECHAlliance Traditionally, innovation in healthcare has been introduced mostly by two big industries, pharma and medical devices. How far regulations and personal data laws could hinder the consolidation of the digital

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8 Digital Health Mergers That Help Prepare for 2018

Pharmaceutical, health insurance, medical and digital technology companies took brave steps in 2017 to strengthen their digital health market position with more or less success. Yet, last years business moves also suggest important trends: producing drugs alone without added digital services is not enough anymore for pharma; medical websites are becoming huge media outlets; and

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2018 healthcare predictions

Technology-based innovation is advancing at a pace many healthcare providers struggle to maintain. At the same time, patients are demanding more convenience and engagement. In order to provide clear value, providers must focus on enhancing the patient experience. In this guest post, Chris Byers, CEO of a company that offers an online form and data-collection

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