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5 Key Findings from the 2018 HIMSS U.S. Leadership and Workforce Survey

health leaders, especially those involved in the hospital marketplace. The data suggests a year-over-year consistency in the markets information and technology priorities with vendorsconsultants and Hospital respondents evaluating many priorities with the same degree of intensity. A majority of vendorsconsultants (86 percent) expect their volume of business to increase next year, while the majority of

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64% of antibiotics sold in India between 2007 and 2012 unapproved, says study

New Delhi: The rampant sale of unapproved antibiotics in India continues, triggering antimicrobial resistance in the country.A study published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology on Monday revealed that out of 118 different formulations of fixed dose combinations (FDCs) being sold in India between 2007 and 2012, over 64% were not approved by the national

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Top 12 Healthcare Trends for 2018

B.E. Smith’s 2018 Healthcare Trends white paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external factors expected to influence the healthcare industry this year. Based on B.E. Smith’s exclusive survey of more than 1,000 healthcare executives, this year’s report explores 12 trends which will impact healthcare leadership, including:

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