Could Pharmaceutical and Healthcare benefit from

It’s about ‘Could Pharmaceutical and Healthcare benefit from’, a recent topic being discussed in the media, with the report of Amazon purchasing state pharmaceutical licenses. It would be great if you could have a look and see if it’s worth publishing. I feel it would be great for the viewers to discover the holistic

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As Telehealth Grows, So Do Privacy, Security Concerns

With telehealth on the cusp of rapid growth, healthcare entities must carefully assess and address critical privacy and security issues, says regulatory attorney Emily Wein.The use of telemedicine soon could get an additional boost from a variety of legislative proposals in Congress, including a Senate bill that would expand Medicare coverage for certain telehealth services.Patients

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Trumps Proposed Medicaid Cuts To Worsen Chasm In Care Access Telehealth Can Bridge The Gap

While health policy decisions seem to be routinely made at the federal level without regard to their impact on patient care or population health, payers and providers dont have that luxury.Underscoring that point, the proposed $800+ million federal budgets cuts to Medicaid from the House and a similar proposal from the Senate would cut Medicaid

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