These tips can help ensure your telehealth program is driving savings and patient satisfaction. With research showing that telehealth ranks as one of the top four IT investment priorities for healthcare delivery organizations, its safe to say that telehealth in the U.S. has officially become mainstream.Telehealth has many benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients benefit from not having to leave their homes for post-surgery monitoring, chronic illness management and myriad other situations. Those living in rural areas benefit from access to doctors and specialists without expensive and time-consuming travel.Moreover, telehealth solutions can address some of the toughest pain points facing providers today, including staffing shortages, patient satisfaction and wait times, and the number of hospital readmissions.As telehealth adoption becomes a necessity in todays healthcare environment, hospitals and health systems are looking for a clear path to success for their telehealth programs. But how does one measure success? These three steps can get any provider organization on its way.

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