Data breaches remain top of mind for healthcare organizations, and for good reason. While 2017 saw larger and more costly healthcare breaches than previous years, 77 percent of organizations say they still do not have a formal cyberincident response plan, a new IBM study found.Although 72 percent of respondents to the IBMs Third Annual Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization noted they were feeling more resilient to cyberattacks than last year, theres still much to be gained from layering tech defenses.”Organizations may be feeling more cyber resilient today, and the biggest reason why was hiring skilled personnel,” Ted Julian, vice president of product management and co-founder of IBM Resilient said in a press release. “Having the right staff in place is critical, but arming them with the most modern tools to augment their work is equally as important. A response plan that orchestrates human intelligence with machine intelligence is the only way security teams are going to get ahead of the threat and improve overall cyber resilience.”

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