Electronic signature is a fast-growing technology in all industries. In the report Vendor Landscape: E-Signature, Q4 2016 research and advisory firm Forrester uncovers these e-signature statistics:53 percent average annual growth of use of e-signature since 2011the number of transactions settled via e-signature likely to exceed 700 million in 201765 percent of Forrester inquiries on e-signature are from enterprises that have opted for SaaS or a cloud-based modelThese statistics certainly show e-signature is a hot technology, but you have to keep in mind these numbers include all industries. We think healthcare is a truly unique market for e-signature.In general, healthcare providers are late adopters to technology that will assist with business administration. Technology on the medical front is all about innovation and leading edge opportunities to provide better patient care. But when it comes to the care and compliance within the back office the administrative side of things healthcare businesses tend to be slow to implement and highly risk adverse.

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