After the WannaCry ransomware attacks, healthcare organizations everywhere are taking another look at their cybersecurity defenses. But the saying goes that often the best defense is a good offense, and alongside keeping security patches up to date and protecting specifically against ransomware, organizations should take an opportunity to ensure they are looking at lessons learned from those who have been breached along the way.But where should healthcare organizations start? Where do technology deployments and best practices meet? This is where Sadik Al-Abdulla, director of security solutions at CDW, can help.Al-Abdulla has performed security assessments penetration tests in which he assessed an organizations security posture by attempting to break into its network for numerous clients. Each time, he gained full control of their networks. Id like to think that Im good, says Al-Abdulla, but I am not the worlds best.The industry average for a good red team of penetration testers is 95 percent, he explains. So if talented hackers go after a company, they will get access.

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