Lets peek into the future of drug production and read The Medical Futurists latest e-book entitled Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma. Brians phone quickly blinked. A message from the heart. Literally, from your heart, the beginning of the short text read. The nano-swimmer sensor circulating in his blood vessels encountered something strange which might need to be examined, so it sent a notification to his smart devices. One of them already decided to schedule a visit with his GP.It was a frosty January afternoon in 2035, the sun gleamed on the icy blocks in Vancouvers Stanley Park. Brian was nervous about the visit and tried to divert his attention by walking around under the pines in the freezing cold. He suspected that his old condition is back, and he didnt want to have that torture called therapy again. Yet, his phone reminded him constantly and rigorously, hes got an appointment to attend to. When he entered the GPs office, there was no line, he did not have to wait a minute and the assistant smiled at him nicely.

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