Learn how Startupbootcamp Miami helps Digital Health founders build and scale Life can be hard for entrepreneurs in healthcare. Sure, weve seen an increase in Digital Health investment over the past few years, but it remains exceedingly difficult for new companies to prove their value, align with complex reimbursement models and get that first customer. Thats where Digital Health Accelerators like Startupbootcamp Miami come in. Theyre in the business of aligning startups with specific customer needs, and in doing so, can help founders make big leaps in a short amount of time.This episodes guest is Christian Seale. Hes the founder and Managing Director at Startupbootcamp in Miami, which focuses on Digital Health. More specifically, they focus on Digital Health Startups that can make healthcare more equitable, efficient and accessible. Well talk with Christian about how you can build valuable companies that are fun and profitable, AND deliver a ton of social good.

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