Two prominent women leaders discuss the obstacles they overcame and share lessons learned along the way to successful careers. As hospitals and health systems try to feel their way around exciting but daunting new era of genomics and precision medicine, there’s no shortage of technology vendors, some of them newly-minted startups, offering to help healthcare providers gather the necessary data and put it to work delivering targeted patient care.As such, many hospitals interested into getting a precision medicine program up and running “find it confusing to determine which of the hundreds of vendors in the market will be most helpful,” according to the new KLAS Precision Medicine Vendor Validations 2018 report. Many hospitals still think of precision medicine as the province of big academic medical centers with the resources to do it right. And to a large extent that’s still true. But as said at the HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit this spring, even community hospitals are starting to make personalized care work for them. Meanwhile, the technology available to help hospitals make sense of their omic data is evolving at a rapid pace.

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