In order to be successful with MSSP or other value-based programs, providers need real-time data to improve outcomes and costs, according to healthcare attorney Pam Hepp. As the healthcare industry continues its shift into value-based care, many are looking for new ways to replace traditional care models and improve care quality. While theres no consensus on the right strategy to make better use of the stores of data, AI may hold the key to creating a more predictive care model.In fact, Accountable Care Organizations can only find success in the Medicare Shared Savings Program and other value-based programs with access to real-time clinical, outcomes, quality and financial data, explained Pam Hepp, shareholder of law firm Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney.That access will help improve outcomes, control costs and in effect change practice patterns, said Hepp. Up-to-date, comprehensive information about the providers own patients must be analyzed to identify care gaps and coordinate and manage care.

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